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Ways ALF Supports Children with Cancer

Kenneth D. Nahum

Since 1988, Kenneth D. Nahum, DO, has been part of the hematology and oncology medical fields, helping patients with blood disorders or cancer get the treatment they need. In 2012, he came to Regional Cancer Care Associates in Howell, New Jersey. Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum's passion for cancer care includes charitable work with The Ashley Lauren Foundation (ALF).

ALF provides a variety of programs for children battling cancer, helping to promote hope as well as healing. Some programs focus on going directly to the children, while others are larger events serving many children at once.
Young people in the hospital for cancer need hope, and the Hope Bag, Hospital Parties, and Birthday Brigade programs can help. The Birthday Brigade program brings sweets and a birthday surprise to the children, while the Hope Bag contains toiletries, activities, and snacks for extended hospital visits. Children undergoing daily clinics or inpatient stays at New Jersey hospitals can participate in holiday or seasonal party events.
Each season also brings with it a daylong party event. These events, the Spring Party, Summerfest, Harvest Party, and Holiday Party, give children a chance to spend a day away from treatment and connect with other kids.

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