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Cross-Cultural Solutions for Child Education and Health Issues

Kenneth D. Nahum

Throughout the years, Kenneth D. Nahum, DO, has been a principal investigator for a number of clinical trials. Also a strong believer in community service and charity, Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum worked with children with disabilities in Guatemala through the Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) organization.

Designed to maximize the impact of volunteering to improve the education and health opportunities of children across cultures, CCS aims to lead the movement that will serve countries in need such as Guatemala.
CCS seeks to help rural schools in Guatemala by providing a quality education. However, due to poverty, some children bypass the opportunity to attend school, opting instead to address the more immediate needs of their families. To break the cycle of poverty, CCS encourages volunteers to provide such children with individual attention and resources through engaging lessons and activities. Such acts of service motivate children to attend school and otherwise continue their studies.
With insufficient funding and the impoverishment of Guatemala’s health care system, CCS acknowledges the need for improved health services and overall well-being of children in Tecpan. In an effort to address such conditions, it offers vision clinics that assess vision problems and distribute eyeglasses to children in need. Similarly, CCS organizes dental hygiene and other dental care programs to address personal hygiene and nutritional deficiencies that contribute to tooth loss in children starting at a young age. Lastly, its volunteers set up washing stations and conduct sanitation and hygiene-related seminars to schools with inadequate hygiene facilities.

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