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Cross-Cultural Solutions Advances Health and Education in Rural Areas

Kenneth D. Nahum

A recipient of Kimball Medical Center’s Humanitarian Award, Kenneth D. Nahum, DO, practices hematology and oncology at Regional Cancer Care Associates, LLC, in New Jersey. A dedicated supporter of non-profit organizations, Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum volunteered to treat children with disabilities in Guatemala through Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS).

CCS focuses on improving health and education among people living in economically challenged area in Guatemala and elsewhere. CCS volunteers offer basic vision and dental exams. They also help improve sanitation in schools by installing handwashing stations and educating about ways to stop the spread of disease.
In addition to basic health and hygiene work, CCS aims to assist schools in rural Guatemala that lack critical resources. By providing individualized support, needed supplies, and interactive lessons, the organization hopes to help students be more engaged and successful at school and motivated to pursue further education if they have a choice rather than discontinuing it to work in the fields.

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