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ASH Launches Efforts to Create Sickle Cell Clinical Care Guidelines

Kenneth D. Nahum

Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum brings more than three decades of experience to his role as a hematologist and oncologist at Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) in Howell, New Jersey. Beyond his work at RCCA, Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum advances his knowledge and skills through memberships in several professional groups, including the American Society of Hematology (ASH).

In observance of World Sickle Cell Day on June 19, 2017, ASH announced that it has launched an effort to develop clinical practice guidelines for physicians treating patients with sickle cell disease (SCD). ASH will create the guidelines with the support of five panels comprising hematologists and other clinicians as well as patients living with the disease. The Mayo Clinic Evidence-Based Practice Research Center will support the development process and help ensure the guidelines feature the current optimal care strategies.
Named for its signature trait, SCD is characterized by sickle-shaped red blood cells that are present at birth. Patients with the disease have issues with blood flow that can lead to extreme pain, anemia, and serious complications such as stroke and kidney disease.
Currently, there is no cure and only one FDA-approved treatment for SCD, so ASH hopes its new state-of-the-art guidelines will improve patient care and outcomes. ASH plans to publish the guidelines in 2019.

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